Indian Council of Forestry Research and Education
(An Autonomous Body of Ministry of Environment, Forests and Climate Change, Government of India)

Online Booking for Video Conferencing/Meetings


Welcome to the web application for online booking of Video Conferencing/Meetings to be scheduled between ICFRE Hq., ICFRE institutes and other external organisations. The application has been designed and developed for officials of ICFRE Hq and its institutes to provide a facility to book a video conferencing (VC) sessions / meetings at the available venues at ICFRE Hq and institutes. Once a VC session/meeting is booked on a particular venue at a given time slot, the application will not permit to book another VC session/meeting on the same venue at the same time. However the users may still book VC session with available venues/institutes in the same time slot. A buffer time of half an hour before and after a particular VC/meeting session has been kept for the arrangement/connection/extension of the VC/Meeting session.

The user need to register in the application with his official ICFRE email id. Login credentials shall be automatically and immediately emailed to the registered official email ID of the user. The user can log in to the application using these login credentials and book the VC sessions/meetings The user can view the bookings made by him and can also search the booking done by other users between two dates. The administrator of the application can also reserve a particular date-time slot in a particular venue for the purpose of maintenance. Once reserved, the system will not allow the users to book any VC session/Meeting in the reserved date-time slot in the same venue.

The web application provides the information about all the booked VC sessions so that the user can choose an available time slot to book the VC session/meeting on a particular venue at a particular date/time. This application will not only remove the clash of VC sessions/meetings scheduled by different users on the same date/time but will also ease the overall management of the VC at ICFRE Hq. and the institutes.

Feedback/issues in the applications may be communicated on email to sudhirk[at]icfre[dot]org with a copy to head_it[at]icfre[dot]org.